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We facilitate the meeting between users and professionals

Please be advised that emergency services does not provide over the phone solutions or quotes. The professionals must have a proper visual of your house emergency. Please note that we are not a home warranty nor do work with them.

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Emergency Services

“Emergency Services 24H” carries out fast and safe services in collaboration with plumbers, electricians, handyman and locksmiths. The technicians are highly qualified for house problems, for instance: boiler repair, gas boiler replacement, plumbing emergencies, bathroom plumbing, electric inspection and testing, electric fault finding, switch tripping and many more.

Professional Technicians

We ensure that the professional technicians will be available 24H/7 to look out for any emergency the trusted clients might have. We look out for the clients even at the most inconvenient time of the day. Your house technical emergencies are our priorities. We are always ready when we receive emergency calls and our operators are very cooperative and informative.

High Quality

The technicians are well prepared for any emergency our clients might have. We have proven that the technicians we provide are capable of fixing, installing, removing anything that the clients require. What we do best is thorough communication, fast arrival, locate problem, professional execution and problem resolution. Schedule a Service now!

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